So I saw these vintage velvet ring boxes in various colors that I really like, but they are sell at US$75 per box and additional US$25 if you want to add a monogram on the lid. I figure maybe I can make my own, so there it is.

Materials: 1mm cardboard, 4 cm wide velvet ribbon, 4 cm wide ribbon with matching color, gold embroidery thread, scrap white satin cloth, doubles-side tape, masking tape, glue gun, scissors, ruler.

Step 1 - box outer layer: Cut two pieces in the size of 1.8 cm x 12.8 cm (for the lid) and 1.4 cm x 12.8 cm (for the bottom). Fold them into square shape and secure with masking tape. Wrap velvet ribbon around the outer layer to get the required length and sew ribbon right side together. Wrap velvet ribbon to the outer layer with double-side tape.

It has been a long while since my last post in August 2013. Over the past year, I have been busy in preparing the arrival of my little one, Evan, who has finally arrived in April. I believe from now on, most of my projects would be made for this little guy. ^_^    

The giraffe and cow hat patterns are from Repeat Crafter Me, which you can find them here. For the pattern of the brimmed hat, you can find it here.

Special thanks to Hazel Chiu Photography for taking those lovely pictures.

Time flies, we are already half way through the first level of the clay flower course! We made carnations this time. Making carnations are much easier and faster than the previous flowers. On average, it takes about 15 minutes to make one.

Have been working on this muscari homework on and off for about a month! At the end, I made 6 stems of muscari (that is more than 300 little grape like flowers) and about twenty leaves in order to fill up the pot. I don't think I will make another stem of muscari in the near future. It is so time consuming!

We are making carnations for our next homework.

At the beginning of this year, while I was looking for some pattern drafting short-courses, I came across a qi pao workshop organized by HKU Space. I googled a bit and find that apart from HKU Space, a sewing school called United Pattern Design ("UPD") also offers beginner qi pao workshop. I chose the UPD over HKU Space because the teacher from UPD, Master Yan, is from Shanghai. People said qi pao tailors from Shanghai are the best. 

The workshop has twelve 3-hour classes.

I managed to find some time in between the busy clay flower classes to catch up with some sewing. This camisole set is based on patterns from the latest issue of Burdastyle magazine, which you can find them here. They are quite easy and fast to make. I spent about 8 hours on them. They are favorite sewing project so far. 

This is also my first time making bias tape.

The second flower we learned is African daisy. It is A LOT of work to make it because there is about 50 petals (both small and big one) for each flower. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to make one flower. 

We have to make about 10 - 12 flowers for our homework. Gosh, I spent two days, over 12 hours to finish them. It is more stressful than going to work!

It has been awhile since last time I sew. I need to catch up with some sewing too.

We finished our first pot of clay flowers at our second and third class. We made a flower pot, rose leaves, and small tiny flowers. The tiny flowers were hard to make at first. But after you picked up the skills, it is pretty fast to make. 

I think my first pot of clay roses look pretty good. Okay, seven more projects to go for the first level. I wonder when will I able to find time to do some sewing.

About a month ago, my friend introduced me to the clay flowers by Diane Phillips from DK Designs. Diane is a full-time artisan who specialized in making wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages etc with clay flowers. Check out her website, and you will be amazed by how real her clay flowers look. 

I know I NEED to learn that too! 

My colleague found this school, Clay Craft Academy, which offer clay flower courses. We started our first class on Friday, and we learned to make roses.

As planned, I wore this dress I made last month to my friends' wedding yesterday. It was such a lovely wedding, and congratulations to Fion and Jerry again! We all had a wonderful time!

Here are a few photo of me wearing the dress.